Currently, he preserves his internet site "Pictures on a Search page," which showcases his job from cities worldwide. (Note: the video contains some strong language.).

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. After leaving the armed forces, Penfound began office benefit distinguished clients, including the National Maritime Gallery and the British Museum. His initial war time job from Bosnia, Iraq, and also Fallujah could likewise be watched on it.

Giles Penfound is a photographer with a gripping past and also a tale to inform. Docudrama professional photographer Neale James handled Penfound to produce a brief movie about his life and work, and also the outcome is the inspirational 30-minute video over. Penfound began his quest as a specialist photographer over 25 years earlier and also invested the majority of his time documenting army procedures from within the British Army.

Penfound discovers the photos he produced worldwide while bringing the individuals and also emotional states within each frame to life.